Nentir Vale

Goblin Ambush

On the way to Fallcrest the wagon you were on was ambushed by goblin attackers. The driver Traevus, the dwarf merchant was wounded in the arm during the encounter. The goblin attackers also managed to steal one of Traevus`s possessions from the back of the wagon. He offered you gold to retrieve the locked box for him.

A few hundred yards away on the crest of a low hill you all spot a mysterious rider clad in black.
The rider seems to he human, but as the goblins flee he shakes his fist in frustration. His jet-black horse rears and whinnies, and the rider’s red cloak billows behind him in the wind. Then the horse galloped off toward the southwest, into the Moon Hills.

The elf druid Anura captured a defeated goblin welp in her fishing net and with a little `gentle persuasion` the goblin told you that the goblins serve a human named Markus who lives with them in an ancient, buried temple hidden in the caves to the southwest. “Markus was the rider you saw,” he explains. That’s as much as the goblin can tell you before the sad little goblin was then fed to the druid Leopard, which the beast enjoyed greatly.

Over the next few hours the group tracked the rider through the Moon Hills. As they continued to track not only did you find the rider’s tracks, but you also noticed signs
that the goblins came this way as well. All the tracks lead in the direction of a couple of cave entrances clustered together near you. It looks like you’ve found the goblins lair, and so far it doesn’t look like the goblins have noticed your presence.


DM_Dagada DM_Dagada

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